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Maximus 1203

Artikelnummer: 51-0005-06-00


Automatic Microcluster Systems for Lithography Processes
in the Semiconductor Industry

The fully-automated microcluster systems of the Maximus Series are designed for single-substrate production processes in the semiconductor industry. The system platform handles wafer sizes from Ø 2” up to Ø 750 mm and substrate sizes from 2” x 2” up to 500 mm x 500 mm. According to the process requirements all Maximus systems can be equipped flexibly with different process units like coater, developer, cleaner, hot, cool and primer plates. The Maximus Series provides all features needed for state of the art production tasks like thin-wafer handling, UV curing or Lift-Off.



Ø 8” and Ø 12”
Typical substrates: Si, SiGe

The Maximus 1203 is specially designed for Ø 8 up to Ø 12” ultra-thin wafer (≥ 50 µm) handling. It is a compact spin coater system with 3 process units which can be flexibly equipped. The special features of the Maximus 1203-UV are the scrubber unit, the wafer flip and the UV curing unit.

The System consists of:

  • 1 Cabinet MAXIMUS 1203
    - made of stainless steel
    - glass doors for process area
    - stainless steel / glass doors for media / maintenance area
    - Length x width x height = 1700 mm x 1000 mm x 2200 mm
  • I / O cassette station for 300 mm wafers with adapter plate for 8” and sensor system
  • 3-axis robot system with wafer mapping and special end-effectors for thin and ultra-thin wafers
  • “on the fly” aligner based on camera system
  • Combined process module with high speed rotation system with exchangeable chucks and cooled flange and splash ring
  • Coating unit for 2 non-conductive chemicals, IPA and 1 conductive chemical, supplied on moveable arm
  • UV curing unit with water rinse system
  • Small rotating edge scrubbing pad on separate moving arm with DIW supply
  • Manually exchangeable ceramic chucks for the process unit ( set of 1x 8”,1x 300 mm)
  • Container pressurized dispense (CPD) for 1 litre bottles for non-conductive chemicals
  • Pressure tank for IPA
  • Container pressurized dispense (CPD) for 1 litre bottles for conductive chemicals including a stir system and coating nozzle
  • 10 litre disposal tank system with switch in drain system, one for organic waste and one for water based waste
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
    400 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz (others available on request)
  • HMI with 15” touch screen, recipe controlled system and TCP / IP connection
  • Double two slot cassette for 12 inch
  • Process turnkey solution
  • CE marked system
  • English manual on standard paper and a CD-ROM