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MDP life time full size 2D mapping

Article number: 02-0000-10-00

Wafer MDP full size 2D- life time- on the fly:

We deliver complete Bricks MDP life time measurement systems tested and calibrated within 1 or 3 traces including:

Industrial PC, complete software, cable, communication tools soft- and hardware
for Ethernet, MDP measurement software with statistic, zooming, reporting, electric and electronic, cover and all the mechanical tools, assembled and tested.

Scope: 0,1 micro s - 100 ms
Repeatability: +/- 1%


  • 5 sec/Bricks
  • Non contact
  • Very small and easy to use
  • Ethernet tools
  • Remote control
  • Intelligent software
  • Connection to the master PC
  • And more

Option: including resistivity full size- 2D mapping 
Resistivity full size
Article number:

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