Success comes with Values and Structures

Corporate Values

reliable, innovative, open-minded and creative

Our unique corporate culture is the key for our success, growth and profitability.

Reliability and innovation are cornerstones of our activities. Creativity is the main factor for achieving success and growth. Proper potential assessment powers our dynamic capacity for gaining market positions with perfect flexibility. Our continuous growth results from open-mindedness and integrity as well as from deliberate entrepreneurship.

The ATM Group's Company Policy


Our staff's trustworthiness, our sound know-how and the dependability of our systems are our primary assets. You can trust in our realising the sustainable functional technologies we have designed efficiently and to the point.

We are the people who are going to realise your visions.


Our product portfolio comprises an impressive set of methods and technologies for the solar and semiconductor industries following the latest concepts and developments on the market, with a huge impact on the assembly methods for large-scale production.

With a range of more than 70 systems and components on offer, the ATM Group is at the cutting edge in this line
of industry.


The ATM Group is open for new ideas. We are always keen on taking on a great lot of interesting new tasks, which we are well prepared to tackle.

We have created plenty of world novelties due to our inventive and imaginative ways of developing intelligent, innovative products tailor-made to our clients' needs.


We thrive on our ability to offer our combined force of know-how and capability.

We define our company through our competent staff and their creativity. We employ new creative procedures when carrying out our clients' orders, thus opening up new paths for an efficient problem-solving flow.