Past, present and future

The History of the ATMgroup

ATMvision AG was founded in Ravensburg, Germany. Due to new, innovative solutions, basic standardization is to often not taken into account.

Empirical values, once achieved, should be re-applied and multiplied. Thanks to the ATM Group's contractual agreements we hold the strategic partnerships necessary for amplifying the industrial landscape through new ideas.



November 2005: Translocation to Pfullendorf Technology Centre


January 2006: We start developing 3D and infrared measuring devices for the solar industry.

April 2006: We realise two production lines for the automotive industry.

May 2006: We have designed the second generation of µ-crack inspection and 3D-BS inspection to be applied in solar production.

June 2006: Bulk order from Taiwan for wafer production

August 2006: We complete our designs for the detection of colour and 3D faults in car bodywork.


February 2007: Bulk order from Korea for our wafer and solar cell production

March 2007: Certification ISO 9001:2000

April 2007: European bulk order for our wafer and solar cell production

June 2007: European bulk order for High-Efficiency solar cell production

July 2007: Translocation to Salem into our new development and assembly premises

December 2007: We have finished our designs for second generation FS/BS and colour inspection.


February 2008: Order from Asia for EL inspection

March 2008: We start building automation units for the solar production.

May 2008: We complete our designs of the -µ belt- for the solar production

June 2008 : Nomination for the "Deutscher Gründerpreis" (German Founders' Award) 2008

August 2008: Bulk order from Asia for automation technology including wafer inspection systems

October 2008: We take over HSTepro GmbH, Engstingen and SSE GmbH, Singen.

December 2008: Our first wafer inspection systems with loaders, sorters and inspection units are shipped to Asia.


February 2009: European bulk order for designing inspection systems for Sun web technology

March 2009: Mr. Harald Löhle (former Financial Manager of Rohwedder AG) takes on responsibility for ATMvision's finance department in the position of Financial Executive Officer.

April 2009: Order from NASA (USA) for semiconductor technology

May 2009: Bulk order from Asia for several wafer inspection lines

November 2009: Bulk order from Asia for WIS units


February 2010 : Our first inspection machine modules get shipped to Asia.

April 2010: We have developed our first fully automated solar string inspection unit (including loading and sorting technology) and send it to Asia.

September 2010: Bulk order from Asia for our string inspection including automation technology

October 2010: We have designed our first testing and sorting devices for solar cells.


WIS systems are employed in solar cell in-line production.

World novelty - our 3D grid inspection device for doubleprint and singleprint units will be launched at the Shanghai Solar Fair in February 2011.

The ATM Group proudly presents the II-WIS-generation.